We provide World-Wide Linux Consulting, Support and Development for Networks, Servers and Workstations

We support any Linux distribution including Debian, Ubuntu, RHCE/CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, Gentoo, SUSE, etc.

Linux experience, since 1994

First experience as early as with Redhat  and Slackware  with kernels as early as 1.2.x. We can do anything on any distribution or architecture if it can be done with Linux.

Actually our laptops and workstations and servers running Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux. We have Silicon Graphics, HP, SUN, tablets hardware in our lab running Linux. we have experience with most architectures:

  • i386/x86_64
  • PowerPC
  • Itanium/ia64
  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • …anything can boot Linux

We help customers to cut IT cost down, saving on licensing and down time. Total cost of Linux ownership is not free, but impressive.  Administrators on a Windows environment can manage only 10 to 15 systems at a time, but  Linux admin can manage 1,000 servers at a time.

Our customers have wide spectrum of Linux distributions we support

  • RedHat
  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Scientific Linux
  • SUSE
  • Gentoo
  • Slitaz
  • Mandriva
  • Xandros
  • Slackware
  • Oracle Linux
  • custom made (DeniX)
  • Android devices

We help our customers to adding drivers, build kernels, custom packages, package repositories, installers, appliances

We build, maintaing, update, upgrade, troubleshoot, secure and support Linux servers:

  • Monitoring (Nagios,Zabbix, ZenOS, etc)
  • Source code management (Subversion, CVS, Mercurial, Git, Bazaar, etc)
  • Web servers (apache, tomcat, nginx, lighthttpd, squid, virtualmin, XAMPP, LAMP, etc)
  • Hosting solutions (cPanel, WHCMS, Virtualmin, Webmin)
  • Clusters (drdb, MOSIX, MySQL)
  • Dababase (MySQL, Percona, PostgreSQL)
  • File servers (Samba, NFS, NIS,)
  • Storage server (Nexenta, Openfiler, FreeNAS)
  • Firewall/VPN (Firewall Builder, iptables, load balancing, policy routing, PPTP VPN, OpenVPN, IPSEC VPN, L2TP VPN, Quality of Service)
  • Authentication (RADIUS FreeIPA, Open LDAP, Active Directory integration, etc)
  • Cloud deployed servers (Amazon EC2 Linux Servers, OpenShift Redhat cloud, etc)
  • Virtualization (Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, Oracle VM)

We develop Linux applications and scripts in most popular languages and environments

  • RPM packages
  • DEB packages
  • RPM and DEB packages repos
  • Configuration management
  • Linux installers
  • advanced (thousands lines) shell scripts
  • Python scripts
  • Perl scripts
  • PHP scripts, applications and wervices (web services

We do Data Management

  • Data Recovery
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL Administration
  • Off-site Remote Backup
  • Incremental disk-to-Internet backup solutions
  • MySQL clusters and daisy chained replicated MySQL servers

We Manage storage systems

  • Netapp
  • EMC2
  • NexentaStor
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